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March 15th, 2014, 18:32

SRB2 v2.2 is out! Please check out the new 2.2 thread here:

Current SRB2 version: 2.1.25. This version patch of SRB2 was released on August 17, 2019.

Official downloads page:

Try the 64-bit versions first if you're unsure of which to download. If it doesn't work, fall back to 32-bit. Most computers nowadays should be capable of running 64-bit.

Version 2.1.25 full game installers: 64-bit ( | 32-bit (
Version 2.1.25 full game installers mirrors: 64-bit ( | 32-bit (

Upgrade to v2.1.25 patch (only usable to upgrade from versions 2.1.15 and above): 64-bit ( | 32-bit (
Upgrade to v2.1.25 patch (only usable to upgrade from versions 2.1.15 and above) mirrors: 64-bit ( | 32-bit (

Full game installers:
64-bit MD5: C847FC10CCC191AA8B1C8E4ABD709423
32-bit MD5: BD0B555B18C417AA942A5FBAE7F6E07F

64-bit MD5: B77101F3D8663180B8D172D930CFE379
32-bit MD5: DA90B22C4F3A8A5D1CA6A1A70BA75B84
Go nuts!


March 15th, 2014, 19:08

FANGASM OWOHEOPWHFIEOHGO:IHWpghhgioghiohieghieghgioi

edit: None of the wads are broken!

Demnyx Onyxfur

March 15th, 2014, 21:01

Go use Chuckles. Not really sure if he's broken, but me makes Tails' fly sound.


March 15th, 2014, 21:10

I'm not really liking this update so far.

New level designs, some for the better
The new multiplayer modes are amazing
Metal Sonic Race!

New bosses that spam projectiles or clones of themselves at you
Marathon levels
overall difficulty
some wads act strange but still work
The Final boss makes you fly out of the arena if you get hit by his missle

Demnyx Onyxfur

March 16th, 2014, 01:34

1. New bosses that spam projectiles or clones of themselves at you
2. marathon levels
3. overall difficulty
4. some wads act strange but still work
5. The Final boss makes you fly out of the arena if you get hit by his missle
These are my opinions, but whatever.
1. Oh no, difficulty added (because apparently challenges are a bad thing now)
2. oh no, revamped stages that we can't beat in under a minute (that also look AMAZING; loving the slime thing, by the way).
3. Practice, it's not even that big of a difficulty curve.
4. They don't work because 2.1.X is an update
5. You move a good distance, but not NEARLY enough to fly off the edge without standing right next to it.


March 16th, 2014, 01:51

Patch link has been added to main post.


March 16th, 2014, 02:18

These are my opinions, but whatever.
1. Oh no, difficulty added (because apparently challenges are a bad thing now)
2. oh no, revamped stages that we can't beat in under a minute (that also look AMAZING; loving the slime thing, by the way).
3. Practice, it's not even that big of a difficulty curve.
4. They don't work because 2.1.X is an update
5. You move a good distance, but not NEARLY enough to fly off the edge without standing right next to it.

Wow, way to be a smartass. I was just listing what I liked and hated.


March 16th, 2014, 04:06

And he was stating what he liked and hated about the game by replying to your post.

Also, I haven't done much on 2.1 yet, but I like how they revamped the server list.


March 16th, 2014, 14:11

The reason why the wads work strange, is because the ability codes thing is CHANGED for character wads, so there's about 12 abilities now. You'll have to mess with the abilities through Slade3. There's actually even Telekinesis! Which will actually work for Silver The Hedgehog!


March 16th, 2014, 14:28

I'm just waiting for three things:

-An Updated Character Ability List
-A 100% 2.1 Save File
-Akb's remade pony wads! :D

Demnyx Onyxfur

March 16th, 2014, 23:21

I don't know if this happens to anybody else when they use the MD2s, but for some reason the spin aura thing does this when I use it:
It's not really game breaking, but just a slight annoyance to me...


March 17th, 2014, 01:59

I don't know if this happens to anybody else when they use the MD2s, but for some reason the spin aura thing does this when I use it:
It's not really game breaking, but just a slight annoyance to me...

Probably because they revamped the spin aura in 2.1.
Also MD2s aren't fully supported yet.


March 17th, 2014, 20:35

Now there's 2.1.2! It's just awesome update for record attack.


March 17th, 2014, 22:02

Added 2.1.2 patch to the main post.


March 17th, 2014, 23:59

Good lord. How many patches will there be?


March 18th, 2014, 00:26

Well considering we had a "2.0.6" for years, I would think there would be quiet a few quick fixes for any big errors found with the 2.1 exe.

Demnyx Onyxfur

March 18th, 2014, 00:55

Going to correct myself. Brak Eggman's missiles DO fling you across the map, but you won't die if the barrier is up, so keep moving.


March 18th, 2014, 02:41

Good lord. How many patches will there be?There's only been two so far. That hardly constitutes as a lot. I'm going to throw out a guess and say we'll stabilize around 2.1.4 or 2.1.5.


March 18th, 2014, 03:51

There's only been two so far. That hardly constitutes as a lot. I'm going to throw out a guess and say we'll stabilize around 2.1.4 or 2.1.5.

I'm just tired of updating. It would be nice if the game auto updated or something.


March 18th, 2014, 20:00

SRB2 2.1.3 patch has been released. Added the link to the first post.


March 18th, 2014, 20:49

SRB2 2.1.3 patch has been released. Added the link to the first post.
See what I mean? XD


March 21st, 2014, 19:51

SRB2 v2.1.4 patch released, now with rewritten consistency failure protection and OpenGL bug fixes!


v2.1.4 patch released.

* The multiplayer consistency protection code was rewritten to help netgames be more stable.
* You can now add files to your own server without kicking yourself out of the game (fixed for real this time).
* A lot of video code was rewritten to add features to both renderers.
- OpenGL now has proper transparent patch support, and can now draw both the cropped pictures in the character select menu and the small player icons used for continues.
- OpenGL should now draw the menus and HUD in their proper locations.
- OpenGL now supports skyboxes.
- OpenGL should now support MD2s better.
- Software now supports the translucent HUD option.
- Software now supports drawing any patch at any size with any translucency level and colormap. (This is mostly of interest to those doing Lua scripted HUD work.)
* Additional functions added to the HUD library for Lua scripting.
* Analog mode is now properly saved and restored after exiting the game.
* More minor bugfixes and level related fixes.

Quite the awesome update. We'll probably stay with this update for a while.

Demnyx Onyxfur

March 22nd, 2014, 16:10

Hope the stupid MD2 clone spin thing is fixed.. It's minor, but it bugs me.
6568 IT's fixed!

I don't know if this happens to anyone else (also because I think these models have to be updated?), but when I get hit or slide (DSZ2) in anyway, the animation is the falling one.


March 22nd, 2014, 20:13

I don't think they changed the sprite rotation for characters, this should be "/" as before so the MD2 animations aren't supposed to do that.
Does it happen with every MD2?

Demnyx Onyxfur

March 23rd, 2014, 03:18

I'm seeing that the sprites do that too, and I have no idea why.
*going to add a GIF sometime soon*


March 23rd, 2014, 17:18

SRB2 v2.1.5 patch has been released.


v2.1.5 patch released.

* Numerous errors in Egg Rock Zone 3 were fixed.
- If you have any Record Attack replays for ERZ3, you must remove them before trying to play ERZ3 in Record Attack again. This is because some of the old bugs resulted in writing corrupt data to the replay files.
* Fixed character switching while Super Sonic in netgames leaving you stuck as another character with one of Super Sonic's flashing colors.
* Fixed an issue with resynching CTF netgames.
* Once again fixed the game crashing if you were hanging on the center chain as the CEZ3 boss dies.
* Fixed the final boss's bombs causing major lag in certain situations.
* More minor level fixes.
* Lua:
- HUD drawing functions can now use v.patchExists(string) to check if a patch exists without having to cache it.
- Three extra configurable buttons were added that Lua can use for custom actions.



March 23rd, 2014, 18:11

Welcome to Sonic Robo Blast 2, after 4 years of developement...
Yeah, sounds like TF2 X)

After 900 patches, the game is still glitched X)


March 23rd, 2014, 18:57

LOL Dashy! They are just doing like VALVE. Half life 3 had to be released about 10 years ago. And Portal 2 was delayed for a few years. =)


March 24th, 2014, 14:39

It's so I did not go through here. The new version 2.1 is very cool (what it takes to win the special stage end xd). I have a desire to play online, but I re goes wrong -_-. Remember: I use gugel translator, so the reading may be inconsistent between.


March 25th, 2014, 22:08

SRB2 v2.1.6 patch released.


v2.1.6 patch released.

* A timer was added when replaying the special stage levels via NiGHTS Mode.
* Fixed CTF mode for what will hopefully be the last time.
* Fixed the Scatter Ring not working properly.
* Fixed a crash when two people with Armageddon Shields hit each other.
* Forceskin no longer crashes dedicated servers and also outputs a special message on change.
* Some bugs were fixed regarding Knuckles’s sliding along the ground.
* Still more minor level fixes.


Demnyx Onyxfur

March 25th, 2014, 23:44

Well. Today I turned on the skyboxes because SRB2 set the default to "off" for some reason.
6594 Then I saw this. What is​ that?


March 26th, 2014, 00:12


It took STJR about a decade to finally make the intro pay off, but the Egg Rock Core is supposed to be the source of power mentioned in the opening.


March 26th, 2014, 23:21

Well. Today I turned on the skyboxes because SRB2 set the default to "off" for some reason.
6594 Then I saw this. What is​ that?

I guess it's a secret magical jungle on EggRock asteroid. That generates some oxygen for Sonic, so he can breathe in ERCZ. Or it can be just a wrong or weird texture.

Demnyx Onyxfur

March 28th, 2014, 03:02

Jeck Jims updated his Md2s for 2.1! Yeah, I'm not gonna bother with Egg Satellite anymore. It's a toughie.


March 28th, 2014, 03:12

Well. Today I turned on the skyboxes because SRB2 set the default to "off" for some reason.
6594 Then I saw this. What is​ that?

I figured it was just to add a cool glowy-feeling to the level. Sci-fi, you know!

Demnyx Onyxfur

March 28th, 2014, 21:07

I went through about 1 minute of Azure Temple. It wants Sonic to do WHAT?


April 13th, 2014, 15:13

According to Inuyasha on the SRB2fun IRC...

2.1.7 release slated for this Monday

Demnyx Onyxfur

April 13th, 2014, 17:46

Brak's little lock-on attack may be slightly nerfed.

Azure's Soul

April 14th, 2014, 06:40

New 2.1.7 patch, this time we have bug fixings and optimizationsbut now...Tails has super sprites!


April 14th, 2014, 13:30

2.1.7 release:
Updated full game download:
Patch download for those that already downloaded v2.1.x:

I told you all this would be the year of 2.1, and I wasn’t kidding. How many other years have we made eight releases in?

This release is being provided both in the form of an installer for those new to the game, and a patch for those who have already installed 2.1. The patch works with any previous version of 2.1.

This release fixes the following issues:

Fixed an exploit where Bounce Rings would give rings to teammates without disappearing.
Fixed an exploit with Tails being able to ascend and keep his flying speed unchanged when over the speed cap.
Tails was given Super transformation sprites.
Fixed Super Knuckles in Match not having a speed bonus applied to his gliding.
Fixed Knuckles being able to use the Whirlwind Shield after leaving a glide.
The Final Boss now conveys a certain line-of-sight attack with a guideline as well as a target.
Fixed custom Record Attack replays not working for maps above a certain number.
Fixed ghosts in Egg Rock Zone 2 always being flipped, even when they left the starting area.
Fixed bounded console variables being set to MIN when given any string (including MAX).
Many small fixes were made to OpenGL rendering, including fixing Splitscreen mode not working properly.
Many fixes and minor changes were made to the maps.

Optimized the Lua backend a bit. There should be less lag when using Lua, especially in object-heavy levels.
The game no longer crashes if you refer to a custom console command with the wrong case.
The game’s internal console commands can now be replaced with Lua console commands.

Mirrors and links in the first post have been updated.


April 19th, 2014, 20:20

2.1.8 release:
Patch for those that have 2.1.0 - 2.1.6 to upgrade to 2.1.7:
Patch for those that have 2.1.7:

One last patch before I fly off to Vegas. No, not to gamble over Easter, you fools.

This patch works with Version 2.1.7 only — please make sure you have Version 2.1.7 installed before downloading. This patch addresses the following problems:

Fixed an exploit in netplay that would crash the game for all connected players.
Fixed an issue with the GIF movie code that would occasionally output corrupt files.
Fixed a few more issues with OpenGL rendering (and included the proper r_opengl.dll this time).
Fixed a few Lua hooks that completely stopped working in 2.1.7.


April 19th, 2014, 20:57

Is anyone else having trouble finding the actual 2.1.8 download link?

Demnyx Onyxfur

April 19th, 2014, 22:21

It's in the download page.


May 17th, 2014, 16:21

Is anyone having thoughts about how many updates they are making on 2.1? There's so many of them. I've also thought there would be a 2.2 at this rate. XD


August 4th, 2014, 05:55

A patch for Srb2 2.1 is officially out. Version 2.1.9 includes a fixed and more stable Netcode. Check the following link for more information as well as the patch download:

On a side note, if the the netcode is as stable as they say it is I may have a reason to join Srb2 Netgames now. We'll see...


August 5th, 2014, 16:12

Updated the first post with new links.

I'll need to try the new netcode sometime.

Demnyx Onyxfur

August 5th, 2014, 16:51

The netcode is wonderful, I played Mystic Realm with TehRealSalt last night and he only got s-kicked once.

Late joiners in Special Stages in Co-op now spectate until the end of the map instead of interfering with other players and/or exiting the map early.

My face when: 7226so happy~


August 6th, 2014, 02:36

Well, that was fast. SRB2 v2.1.10 is out.

Since I forgot the put the changes from v2.1.8 to v2.1.9, I'll put a combined list here.

The netcode is dramatically more stable, especially when new players are joining. This of course doesn’t mean it’s perfect, but it should be much better than before.
Late joiners in Special Stages in Co-op now spectate until the end of the map instead of interfering with other players and/or exiting the map early.
Many bugs in the engine and level design that were reported on the forums were fixed.
Egg Rock Zone 3 now supports the Competition and Race game modes.
Lots of new functionality has been added to Lua scripting for use in modifications. Additions include (but are not limited to):

Hooks for player skin abilities and multiplayer chat events.
Custom map header options.
Many sorely-needed functions in the game’s code were opened up for use in Lua.

Longstanding issues with Lua’s stability have been fixed.

Lua can tolerate large scripts much better.
Lua can handle multiple separate scripts running at the same time much better than before; you should no longer have to fiddle around with adding WAD files in different orders to make the game stable.
The game no longer crashes if scripts are added via the command line (-file) that replace commands normally present in the game.

The game no longer crashes if you try to host your own server after failing to join someone else’s server due to not being able to download WAD files.
The game no longer crashes at the end of the last special stage, and the shrink ray section now works again.
A few minor level design fixes.

Updated the first post with the v2.1.10 patch.


August 27th, 2014, 13:25

SRB2 v2.1.11 has been released.

I ran out of witty things to say. Sorry. Just have an update that is — hopefully — stable for the foreseeable future.

This release is being provided both in the form of an installer for those new to the game, and a patch for those who have already installed the game. The patch works with any previous version of 2.1.

This release fixes the following issues:

Fixed game state becoming indeterminate if a player leaves while resynching, often causing crashes or game freezes.
Monitors on moving/bouncing platforms are no longer deadly to touch.
Fixed an exploit where characters could be changed while continuing in Single Player.
Fixed game freeze on Egg Satellite Zone in OpenGL.
Fixed missing emblem on Flooded Cove Zone.
Minor optimization/speed related improvements.
Minor level design fixes.
Fixed patches wrapping from the right side to the left side even when they weren’t supposed to.
Detons no longer murder their resident animals if they strike a wall or object.

On a side note, the Soundtrack was also updated as well; a few missing tracks were added and the tracks were re-tagged and organized into two “CDs” of tracks. If you have the time, you should go check it out ('ve updated the first post with download links.


May 21st, 2016, 05:01

SRB2 2.1.15 has been released.

Hey guys! We’ve been thinking about how wonderful boys and girls you all are, so we’re deciding to give you a wonderful present well earlier than we originally intended! I hope you all enjoy playing with slopes as much as we do jumping off them and flying into space.

… I apologize for the sickening saccharine tint to that last paragraph, but hey, I want to have a little fun. It’s my birthday, so cut me some slack.

This release is being provided both in the form of an installer for those new to the game, and a patch for those who have already installed the game. The patch works only with version 2.1.14. That shouldn’t be a problem for anyone at this point, considering how long version 2.1.14 has been out now. New features and fixes are as follows:

Slopes! Forever is a long time coming. Note that none of the existing levels are modified; you’ll have to wait until 2.2 for that. The primary reason for this release is so that modders can finally use slopes without having to resort to alternate EXEs, as they’ve been doing for months now. Just be warned that while OpenGL has support for slopes, it is only partially complete in that renderer and not fully tested.
To go along with slopes, physics have been slightly changed for moving platforms and polyobjects. Jumping off of a platform moving upwards now gives your jump a height boost, for instance.
Added FF_ANIMATE, a flag for creating simple, single state animations. Instead of creating 30 states for your 30 frame ring animation, you can now just create one to achieve the same effect.
Music slots are removed. No longer do you have to call your music lumps O_MAP##M; you can now call them anything you want. Anything. As long as it’s six or less characters, I guess.
Lots of changes and fixes to Lua and SOC. We’ll go over some of the important ones briefly:

A PlayerSpawn hook was added to Lua, allowing a lot easier and better control over what happens when players spawn or join the game.
The lines comprising a sector may now be gotten in Lua with (sector).lines.
HUD scripts in Lua can now access the game’s current resolution (width and height), along with dupx and dupy (the sizes for automatic patch scaling).
“Lua.” custom level header options in SOC won’t eat parts of future level header definitions by mistake. We made sure to feed the parsers properly this time, with high quality kibbles and bits.
“MUSIC = (name)” was added to level headers and cutscenes in SOC to accommodate the above removal of music slots.
A lot of error messages were changed to make what’s going wrong easier to understand, especially variable out of range errors.
SOC scripts can now be named SOC_****, to go along with Lua scripts being named LUA_****. This means you can actually organize multiple SOC scripts into WAD files, instead of having to stick everything in MAINCFG.

Fixed issues with polyobject spawning and other assorted weird things they would do.
Fixed pro-strat launching-yourself-off-CEZ-chains-within-1-tic abuse. Sorry, speedrunners.
Fixed a lot of bugs in the menu relating to pressing combinations of enter and escape rapidly. Sorry, keyboard mashers.
Fixed a very, very long-standing bug where garbage would be drawn to screen in certain situations if you ran under or flew over an FOF.
Minor map adjustments and fixes, scattered throughout the single player maps and multiplayer maps.
Lastly, in this little space at the end of the ‘important’ patch notes, I would like to give a sad goodbye to our old friend, That One Snailer. You all know him very well, but now he is no longer with us. He will be missed. (not)

That’s all of the important stuff out of the way, but there’s lots more technical changes we haven’t mentioned so far. You can find that information after the break.

The game’s internal PRNG was changed to an xorshift* PRNG, which is hopefully faster and more random than the PRNG previously used. Some functions have also been updated to take advantage of this, as the new PRNG now returns fixed point numbers from [0, 1) instead of single bytes.

P_Random() is deprecated, function renamed to P_RandomByte()
P_RandomFixed() was added (fetches a fixed point number from [0, 1) straight from the PRNG)
P_RandomChance(p) was added (returns true p% of the time, where p is a fixed point number from 0 to 1; for example, P_RandomChance(FRACUNIT/2) returns true 50% of the time)

Lua and SOC fixes and changes not listed above:

Garbage cleanup now per step instead of every code execution (speed up)
Fixed inconsistent DrawFill behavior between renderers, for Lua scripts using it.
Super colors were added to colors list.
VERSION, SUBVERSION, and VERSIONSTRING are accessible as constants.
EvalMath in Lua is now deprecated and not to be used. Use _G[] instead.
Fixed A_ChangeAngleAbsolute in Lua.
Fixed FixedDiv(n, 0) and FixedSqrt(-1) crashes (now properly gives an error message)
Fixed map header info in Lua being fetched wrong (strings held garbage data, which messed up comparisons)
tan() fixed — requires using tan(angle, true) for backwards compatibility purposes
NetArchiveHook fixes. Still don’t know if it works, but there’s a better chance it does now.
P_ClosestPointOnLine supports defining an arbitrary line
Player times hit added (was previously missing)
“TITLE”, “EVALUATION”, “CREDITS” are now accepted alternates for level header nextmap = 1100, 1101, 1102

Fixed fades. For Software, they work a bit faster. For OpenGL, they actually work all the time now.
Fixed FLIPCAM2 not actually being initialized, and thus not usable.
Fixed ‘allocating’ out of range map headers when going to the credits. This caused very, very rare crashes if the stars aligned just perfectly.
Fixed springs launching unrelated things into the air in weird cases.
Fixed the lack of respawn invulnerability in Race.
Fixed F12ing a player in analog mode causing the player’s camera to be rotated when returning to their view.
Fixed F-keys that go to menu options going to the wrong menus if you backed out.
Fixed the Recycler partying like it was 2010 again and shuffling Super status away from Super players.
Fixed the edges of the BLOCKMAP not working properly sometimes (running past one-sided linedefs, etc).
Fixed the old special stage timer disappearing.
Fixed lighting parity between resolutions.
Fixed lighting oddities when changing FOF flags through the linedef executor.
Fixed backwards Tag/Hide and Seek suicide conditions.
Fixed bad skin names locally causing problems such as being completely unable to move.
Fixed the OpenGL ghosting effect mentioned in the previous release.
Temporarily removed the ability to change MIDI volume, due to the headaches caused by it (Spontaneous muting of the EXE, the volume getting adjusted in Windows Mixer for no good reason, etc)
Portals now properly draw the sky from the viewpoint the player would have if they were actually at that position, and they don’t screw up the sky for the regular view anymore either.
Spectators being crushed no longer prints a death message.
Improvements to splitscreen:

In co-op, both players can trigger the game over music.
In co-op, the music will return to normal after a game over after enough time, like it does online.
In CTF, improved sound cues.

The palette cycling for Super players was slowed down significantly.
Custom characters can now freely set the flag to turn Super, and Super Sonic’s float is no longer automatically given to them whether they want it or not
If you can turn super after getting all the emeralds, the Special Stage score tally screen now tells you this (
Special stages now fade to white with a sound effect when you enter them.

First post has been updated with download links to the full installer and the 2.1.14 -> 2.1.15 patch files.

Demnyx Onyxfur

May 21st, 2016, 14:29

The 2.1.15 OGL has the color MD2 code with it, too.


September 10th, 2016, 08:43

SRB2 2.1.16 has been released!

2.1.16 is here! There is one very important thing we need to state up front – in order to make the online SRB2 experience more stable and reduce the number of desynchronisations that may occur, we have decided to make the difficult decision of disabling netgame capabilities in Direct Draw (srb2dd.exe) builds. It will be a long road, but this first consolidating step will help us understand and potentially solve the problems with the netcode. We’ll give you the patch notes at the end of the post, don’t you worry.
In case you haven’t been paying attention to the forums, there’s been an interesting group project that’s been going on – and it’s out now! It’s called Shut Up and Get On It, or SUGOI (, and with 29 unique levels it’s one of the biggest map packs in the history of SRB2. Pretty much the whole community has come together to work on this thing and, thanks to the magic of slopes, it’s really amazing. We encourage you to go play that map pack after downloading the 2.1.16 update.
Also in exciting news, we don’t usually get attention from the wider world… but a couple months ago we got three separate sites reporting on us at once!
1) – Dorkly mentioned us in their list of cool pop culture DooM mods ( We’re mentioned alongside ancient greats like Ghostbusters DooM as well as the relatively modern Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch.
2) – IGN went into our game wanting to hate it, but realised they couldn’t (! Someone should tell them we have mediocre support for controllers.
3) – Last but not least, Gizmodo interviewed us devs about the history of the game (! We gave ’em a few 2.2 screenshots to pick from for their header image as gratitude for their thoughtfulness.
We did give them a few more images than they had space for, so here’s the other two – featuring the new versions of Tails, GFZ1 and CEZ1! It also features our new Sonic, although he’s now available on the message board with some custom abilities for fun here. ( ( (
It’s a shame 2.2 isn’t ready yet… but that doesn’t mean 2.1.16 isn’t pretty great in and of itself!
* We, uh, accidentally compiled 2.1.15 without any optimizations turned on. Sorry about that – the framerate in this version should be way better…
* Knuckles can now climb on one-sided linedefs that don’t have the No Climb flag. This means thok barriers are no longer needed outside of decorative uses.
* Fixed an issue where colliding with the edges of Mario blocks, bustable FOFs, and bouncy FOFs was extremely unreliable.
* Fixed falling through a reverse platform FOF clipping you downwards (and vice versa with reverse gravity and normal platforms).
* Fixed FF_SHATTERBOTTOM FOFs acting like THZ goop when stood on.
* Thrown match emeralds now disappear in death pits instead of uselessly bouncing off.
* Fixed an issue where the NiGHTS drone was visible at the end of a special stage for a single tic.
* P_GetMobjGravity(mobj) is a new function available to Lua.
* You can now disable the weapon rings and power stones displays from ringslinger gametypes using Lua.
* Single-sided linedef skewing now behaves like midtexture skewing; the No Midtexture Skew linedef flag disables, instead of it being on by default.
* Fixed several issues with the Solid Midtexture linedef flag not playing nicely with the Peg Midtexture and Repeat Midtexture flags.
* Cleaned up the error message when failing to load a sprite that doesn’t have enough rotations.
* The game will no longer crash whenever it gets lost trying to find a special linedef from a tag number.
* Fixed an issue with one custom cutscene immediately following another causing the game to softlock.
* If the game becomes modified during a record attack run, the run will now immediately end.
* Using the -warp game startup parameter will now let you know if you are attempting to access an invalid map lump.
* Fixed zero-length REJECT lumps reading from arbitrary memory.
* Teetering on the edge of platforms and ledges now takes slopes into account.
* Slopes can have their physics disabled by applying the No Sonic linedef flag to their master linedef. (Zone Builder will probably rename that linedef flag for the slope types soon enough, but until then…)
* Slope physics now take sector gravity into account.
* Non-player objects are now able to move up and down slopes much smoother.
* Vertex slopes now crash with a descriptive error message if they’re set up incorrectly.
* Fixed a crash caused by hitting a bouncy wall whilst on a slope.
* Fixed an issue where Knuckles attempted to climb on thin air above a slope in 2D mode.
* Bustable FOFs with sloped planes now have accurate collision bounds.
* Running into a spring or gas jet on a slope will now always send you on the correct path instead of at an awkward angle.
* Fixed gas jets having dance parties on slopes.
* Fixed most, if not all, crashes caused by drawing parts of textures offscreen. These crashes alone caused many of the annoying crashes people have recently been reporting, so software mode should now be a lot more stable to play with.
* Fixed sloped FOF planes with translucent pixels losing their translucency when enveloped in a colormap.
* Fixed a crash caused by wedge-shaped FOFs mistakenly attempting to draw the top of its side textures below its bottom.
* Fixed skybox positioning being visually inconsistent between chasecam and first person mode.
* Fixed sprites in skyboxes being drawn with weird artifacting.
* Fixed the linedef backside textures of polyobjects floating above the polyobject’s position.
* Lower unpegged is now consistent with the new software mode behavior introduced in 2.1.15.
* Fixed specific arrangments of floor and ceiling slopes causing HOMs and other visual glitches.

First post has been updated

Jasper the Fox

January 23rd, 2017, 08:55

so uh 2.1.17 is upon us and it fixes the netcode
a pretty big important update for people who've stopped playing SRB2 for quite a long while


January 23rd, 2017, 17:01

First post has been updated, also here's the notes. (

We have a very important announcement for you all:
Netgames ( are stable ( once again ( (Thanks to Mr. Mystery for taking these screenshots of almost 32 players in a single netgame!)
Now now, before you go too crazy, keep in mind that things still aren’t perfect. There may be unexpected issues stemming solely from the fact that some parts of our game hasn’t had proper testing in years, due to the instability of netgames. But it’s safe to say that things are back to a level of stability around that of version 2.0, if not a little better than that. Special shoutouts go to LJSonik, who was the one to discover and fix the majority of these problems that had been difficult to find.
Though the stability of netgames is a huge part of this update, it’s not the only thing featured in it. See below for the full patch notes…

Netgame stability:

Fixed an issue where the server wouldn’t resend packets properly. (This is a gross simplification of the issue, but it gets the general point across.)
It is now possible to ‘kick’ a player in mid-join, while they are downloading the game state.
Downloading files is now much faster, and significantly more reliable.
Various other minor stability improvements made during testing of the above fixes.

The console has been heavily revamped.

It’s now possible to move the input cursor left and right, as well as selecting multiple characters at the same time using the shift keys.
Clipboard support has been added. CTRL+C copies selected text, and CTRL+V pastes any text that’s in your clipboard, similar to most other programs.
Fixed ( pressing multiple modifier keys down at the same time.

Collision fixes:

Fixed ( Knuckles being able to climb on air.
Fixed ( upside-down springs launching themselves off of ceilings again.
Fixed ( springs (and any other non-moving objects with gravity) falling through one-way platform blocks.
Jumping into a solid object now properly stops your momentum.
Collision boxes for solid objects now extend downwards properly.

Software renderer fixes:

Players don’t visually disappear into FOFs anymore if they have multiple overlays (such as the Elemental or Armageddon shields) attached to them and spindash on top of it.
Polyobjects planes no longer cause crashes, and translucent ones no longer lose their translucency in some situations.
The game no longer crashes if you view a wall with an invalid, but well-defined “texture” name (e.g.: a sound effect name, for the Play Sound linedef).
Repeating Midtextures no longer have messed up lighting under certain circ*mstances.
Fixed ( animated textures with holes displaying garbage for the first frame they’re visible.

OpenGL renderer fixes:

Fixed ( MD2 models with too many vertices causing memory corruption; these MD2s are ignored instead.
Precipitation (rain, snow, etc.) actually shows up now.

More minor unrelated changes and/or fixes:

The MobjThinker, MobjCollide and MobjMoveCollide hooks have been optimised, reducing their negative impact on performance in large maps.
Fixed ( problems with Egg Guards’ shields exploding a physically impossible number of times.
Fixed ( issue with switching skins incorrectly being allowed during credits and custom cutscenes in single-player.
Fixed ( the FixedFloor, FixedTrunc, FixedCeil and FixedRound Lua functions returning garbage.
Rope hangs and zoom tubes have smoother behavior near their waypoints.
Pusher specials applied to FOFs now properly account for slopes applied to the bottom plane.
The ” character is now treated as whitespace in TEXTURES and ANIMDEF lumps, allowing for better compatibility with SLADE’s relevant lump-editing tools.
Providing negative scales to v.drawScaled in Lua doesn’t crash anymore.
Changing sector flats in netgames using Lua scripting no longer causes the game to crash for new joiners.


May 19th, 2017, 22:45

SRB2 2.1.18 patch has been released. First post has been updated.

Hey all

We weren’t really planning on doing this, but an exploit has been discovered and, unfortunately, been used to crash peoples’ servers and we need to plug the hole. So we’re releasing version 2.1.18. We’re still hard at work on 2.2, and we’re hoping to have stuff for you soon on that front.

Patch notes:

* Netgame fixes:
* Fixed ( an exploit where malformed packets with invalid node identifiers caused the server to crash.
* Made the server recognise verified admin players’ bans, as opposed to only treating them as unenforced kicks.
* Fixed ( the fact that the allowteamchange console variable was completely broken, having previously caused both desynchronisations and crashes when switched off.

* Console fixes:
* Fixed ( an issue where the addfile command was incapable of locating files in subdirectories whilst in netgames.
* Fixed ( character selection from the command line (and therefore via launchers and level editors) being disabled.
* Fixed ( the dedicated server console window not handling key combinations involving the Ctrl, Alt or Shift modifier keys.

* Software rendering fixes:
* The game no longer crashes whlst attempting to render certain types of FOF off the top or bottom of the screen.
* Precipitation being off the top or bottom of the screen no longer causes visual artifacting (or, in rare cases, crashes).
* Fixed ( various issues with the v.DrawFill function. This includes its shoddy handling of V_SNAPTO flags, amongst other quality of life improvements.

* Minor, unrelated fixes:
* Fixed ( an issue where falling rock hazards could linger in perpetuity after colliding with slopes.
* Fixed ( a crash caused by Jet Jaw badniks attempting to attack players who had had the “MF_SHOOTABLE” object flag removed through add-ons.
* Fixed ( a crash caused by attempting to execute the “Call Lua Function” linedef executor with blank fields.
* Fixed ( an issue where attempting to have more than 10,000 screenshots in your screenshots directory was erroneously allowed.


May 29th, 2017, 02:59

SRB2 2.1.19 patch has been released. First post has been updated, as usual.

Hi again. Yes, we know – the previous release did not fix the netgame exploit properly. We’ve been working hard, though, and that (along with a few other potential exploits waiting to happen) is now fixed. We’ll be bringing the Master Server back up to allow people to advertise servers online again. As always though, if there are further netplay issues, please report them to us on the Message Board here ( We can’t fix what we don’t know about!

* Netgame fixes:
* Patched a few more crash-causing exploits enabled by malformed packets, as discussed above.
* Fixed ( cooperative intermission bonuses such as extra lives not being awarded server-side on dedicated servers, leading to desynchronisation.
* Fixed ( an issue where you could join a netgame despite having too many files loaded to be able to match the server’s file list, leading to desynchronisation.
* Fixed ( an issue where you stayed connected to a netgame when you have too many files loaded to apply one the host added, leading to desynchronisation.
* Inform the adminplayer when they send an addfile request that can’t be completed because the host has too many files added.
* Fixed ( a bizzare issue where, if you quit a server the moment you create it, you will be instantly kicked if you make a new one.

* Minor, unrelated fixes:
* Fixed ( an issue where missiles were able to effortlessly glide up slopes without exploding.
* Corrected a log message informing the player that they had extra colormaps on game startup when none were actually available.
* Removed a typo resulting in the NiGHTS capsule having the red ring’s skincolor applied on spawn.

Ultra The Hedgehog

June 2nd, 2017, 01:18

I love this new update -snip-


June 2nd, 2017, 05:26

I love this new update -snip-Yeah, SRB2's getting better and better, especially since they fixed the netcode. Maybe I should return to play online in SRB2 sometime...

By the way, I've put your Steam Signature into your forum signature. If you want to edit your forum signature, go to the top right of the page and select "Settings" then "Edit Signature" on the left.

Forum signatures automatically appear below each of your posts so you don't have to paste it every single time.


January 2nd, 2018, 22:11

SRB2 v2.1.20 is out.

Belated happy new year, and thank you for your patience. There wasn’t going to be another of these, but then Windows decided to update and break all our 2.1.19 executables, so guess we’re just going to have to deal.

* Changes with major impact:
* IMPORTANT: SRB2 now detects mouse movement in a much better way ( If you’ve been having issues since Windows 10 last updated, this is for you.
* Fixed downloads from servers being dropped whenever someone new attempted to join.
* Fixed several minor compounding issues with resynchronisation in netgames, which may have significant effect.
* Fixed a crash when removing thinkers (mobjects and the like) whilst running thinkers.iterate() in Lua.
* Fixed a crash caused by Lua scripts calling CV_RegisterVar on existing console variable names.
* Modified Lua’s “PlayerSpawn” hook to call its associated functions even if the player spawned at a checkpoint instead of a player start.
* Fixed Linedef type 414 crashing the game if an invalid sound number was supplied somehow.
* Linedef type 8 (Special Sector Properties)’s ability to trigger sector specials by touching sector edges (turned on by the “Peg Midtexture” flag) now works as intended.
* A restartaudio function is now available. If you change audio output device mid-game, run this command in the console and things should be taken care of.
* This isn’t really a code-side thing, but the person you should contact to get a Mod ID in future should be Rob (

* Changes with minor impact:
* Once AGAIN we have tamed the silly springs so they no longer try to jump with the player. They are now only solid to anything they can’t launch.
* Fixed Record Attack demos not recording changes to the player’s scale/size properly, which resulted in ghosts disappearing sometimes if they attempted to grow bigger.
* You can no longer kick or ban players outside of netgames. This means you can’t kick Tails out in Sonic & Tails mode in Single Player, sorry. =) Likewise with Player 2 in splitscreen mode.
* Fixed the Lua function P_FloorzAtPos not considering slopes for normal floors.
* Fixed ( save games for a custom mod not saving to custom home folder.
* Fixed Linedef types 305-307 (the Character Ability trigger linedef specials) being completely broken.
* Fixed ( FOFs causing Each Time effects on the ground below to fire.
* Fixed air-bobbing platforms’ undersides performing bizarre, undesired movements.
* Fixed ( sloped Quicksand and space countdown FOFs. Quicksand now also supports reverse gravity.
* Fixed a bug with being able to go under lava FOFs with slopes, due to the solid lava code not supporting slopes properly. The Lua functions P_CheckSolidLava and P_CanRunOnWater now also support slopes as a result.
* Fixed the TIME/SCORE part of the Single Player/Coop HUD moving position when the tally screen starts if you are using a non-green resolution. Also, the time display at the tally screen no longer limits the minute number to between 0 and 59.
* Fixed ( OpenGL screenshots appearing greyscale and distorted when taken in the 1366×768 resolution.
* Fixed a Software renderer-only glitch where PolyObject walls could sometimes be seen through level boundaries in other areas, turning anything above and below into HOM or skybox.
* Fixed some OpenGL-only glitches involving sloped FOFs with lighting.
* Fixed MD2 interpolation not working under certain circ*mstances (particularly if an object’s state has a finite duration normally, but the object has made it infinite instead).


January 2nd, 2018, 22:33

Just downloaded.


December 8th, 2018, 05:32

SRB2 v2.1.21 is out, and it contains quite a lot of changes!

It’s 2.1-ception! When will it end?!?! We know you love us more than Smash Bros., so have a shiny new release ( on our backs!

Major impact changes:

New default controls: We revised our default controls so that our new players may play more effectively. They default to first-person style movement controls using the W-A-S-D keys, while the camera is controlled using the mouse or arrow keys. Read How to Play ( for a short explanation of these controls. If you are upgrading from an existing SRB2 installation, you will keep your old controls.
Improved Gamepad Support: It is now entirely possible to operate SRB2 on a gamepad alone. Analog sticks are now active on the menu. We improved their sensitivity to be less slippery in-game. We also allow you to map any button to pop up the system menu, take a screenshot, or make a GIF. Just don’t forget to set your button controls in the Options.
PK3 addons: SRB2 now supports PK3-format addons! PK3 is a compressed format that allows addon authors to use a folder structure that organizes graphics, Lua, SOCs, maps, and everything else into one package. Now addons can be smaller, more organized, and more future-proof for later requirements.
First 64-bit release: We are now releasing SRB2 in both 32-bit and 64-bit formats. For the most demanding content, you may enjoy up to a 64% performance boost! Netgaming is compatible between 32-bit and 64-bit players. Most, if not all addons will work with the two versions. If you have a computer built after 2004, you can most likely run the 64-bit release.
Linux and macOS releases: Cross-platform is back in style! We have an APT repository link for Ubuntu and Debian users, while macOS users can download a DMG install package. Again, these versions are netgame-compatible and 99% of addons should work as intended. However, these are experimental releases and we may not provide them in the future. Please give us feedback and submit bugs (!

Minor impact changes:

OpenGL performance: OpenGL has been made more performant and has received a few visual fixes. Large maps (such as Aerial Garden) now render more reliably. Screenshots and wipes now work correctly on non-native resolutions.
Lua additions: Lua now has support for slopes, including P_GetZAt() to get the Z position of a sloped point. You can use searchBlockmap to look for objects within proximity. For HUD, hud.enabled() and v.getLocalTransFlag() are added. There is now a PlayerQuit hook, as well as a variable to check for Ultimate Mode.
No more SRB2DD: As of this release, we are dumping the old srb2dd.exe. We have kept it for compatibility reasons in the past, but we did not support it. A significant bug has now prevented us from releasing it further. Please use srb2win.exe from now on — it is more stable and it has the newest fixes.

This release has a large collection of individual bug fixes, so go after the jump to read them!



New Feature: PK3 support added, go nuts!
New Feature: Textures on FOF walls can now be skewed with respect to slopes.
New Feature: To allow fullbright sprites to be displayed as fullbright under translucent FOF planes, you can now use particular settings on the middle texture of a colormap linedef to control this feature (best explained on the wiki really)
Fixed Bouncy FOF and Space Countdown sector specials working on FOFs that don’t have the FF_EXISTS flag
Added support for multi-patch middle textures on two-sided linedefs with both invisible pixels and translucency in the Software renderer.
Fix for Objectplace: Fixed NiGHTS bumper angles being reset when the “writethings” console command is used.
Fixed bugs with alternative view points (Report 1 (, Report 2 (


New Feature: Added Lua support for slopes, as well as the function P_GetZAt to use them with.
New Feature: Added searchBlockmap to look for objects within proximity of a point.
New Feature: Added hud.enabled() and v.getLocalTransFlag() for Lua’s HUD features.
New Feature: Added the “PlayerQuit” hook for Lua’s addHook function, called when the player leaves the game.
New Feature: Added access to “ultimatemode” as a global variable for Lua, for checking if the game is in ultimate mode or not.
Fix sector flat names in Lua scripts having hidden characters that mess up string comparisons and prints


New Feature: We now allow multiple admins for netgames. This support works the same way as in SRB2 Kart: server hosts can promote multiple clients as admins, or clients can login using a password.
The “name” console variable no longer defaults to the computer’s username, but instead “Sonic”. (This was done due to concerns about users’ real names (or dead names) being leaked without their permission or knowledge IIRC)
Fix file names being truncated ( at the download screen when joining a netgame, if the file name or its full path was too long. Additionally, long file names are now handled better at this screen (show my gif here)
Fixed error when passing an empty address to the “connect” console command
Fix the maximum player name length ( in the multiplayer player setup menu being shorter than that of the “name” console command
Security fix for admin passwords in netgames: Don’t allow clever hackers to verify themselves as admins when you haven’t even set a password! (This was due to the default being a randomly generated value, which can be predicted if you have the knowledge to do so; now it’s just blank, and rejects any and all attempts at logging in)
Several fixes to net commands in netgames, thanks to LJ Sonic once again
Fix using “verify” ( causing issues with adding files later if you are the host
Fix F12 (the switch player view button) not working sometimes; this can happen if you’re playing in windowed mode, and use the left mouse button to return focus. This was because the left mouse button is one of the defaults for firing a ring in multiplayer, and the game never realises you let go in this situation.
Server names should now be updated on the Master Server instantly
Fixed servers sometimes disappearing from the in-game server list when you refreshed it.
Fixed the game giving nonsense update alert messages if the Master Server was not working when attempting to view the server list.
Fixed desyncs in netgames caused by toggling on analog.
Fixed the game reading mapheader_t Lua userdata from $$$.sav incorrectly in netgames.
Fix Thwomps triggering for spectators ( and when the FOFs themselves don’t have the FF_EXISTS flag.
Fix Mario block FOF textures ( desyncing in netgames.
Fix Each Time + floor touch linedef executor setups retriggering in netgames for players who join a server.
Fix the game’s crash error messages for “SOCK_Send” being utterly unhelpful. While the crashes themselves haven’t been fixed, the error messages should actually tell you what went wrong more clearly now!


Hotfix for a “LUA PANIC” crash for the host of a netgame when someone joins the game. This happened if the game attempted to archive Lua tables with certain types of data used as table keys that aren’t allowed, e.g. functions or userdata keys.
Fixes for Lua string archiving in netgames: Lua strings longer than 1024 chars no longer horribly crash the game, and embedded zeros are now properly supported
Fix a netgame crash relating to Lua-made console commands, particularly if the host receives packets for them when they shouldn’t be able to (i.e. if the game hasn’t even loaded up Lua yet)
Fix the game sometimes crashing when joining a netgame, due to the camera lacking a real subsector at map load.
Fix Single Player savegame slots for nonexistent skins crashing the game when viewed.
Fix a crash caused by ending a SOC file (e.g. MAINCFG) with a “State” (or “Frame”) block with no newline at the end
Fix crashes with SOCs if you put in lines with no ” = ” within certain types of SOC blocks.
Skyboxes no longer break or crash the game after placing items in Objectplace mode.
Fixed exploits with the “alias” console command that allowed the game to get stuck in recursion cycles, eventually crashing the game.
(Debugging builds fix) Fix the game crashing when attempting to run the game in dedicated mode


Fix totalplaytime being incremented during a demo playback, including record attack replays
Movie recordings now record the extra long white intro fades for special stages properly
Optimised rain/snow thinkers to improve framerate in maps using those weather types.
Record attack ghosts now spawn properly on slopes
Fixes for GME music: pausing the game now actually pauses the music, and volume has been increased to fix low volume compared to other digital music
The default sound volume has been lowered, due to the previous default being too loud.
The sound, digital and MIDI music toggles are now console variables that are saved to config.cfg: sound, digimusic and midimusic
Joysticks are now detected by default if plugged in.
Joystick sensitivity is adjusted to support dead zones, so now they feel less slippery.
Joysticks now work for navigating menus, and buttons are better mapped to control the menus.


(FIX FOR 64-BUILDS AND NON ASM BUILDS OF SRB2): The C version of FixedMul is now consistent with that of the ASM versions. The previous inconsistency between them caused desyncs when 32-bit and 64-bit builds of SRB2 played in netgames with each other. Thanks to tatokis ( — besides benefits for Linux building, this means that 64-bit versions of SRB2 are netplay compatible with 32-bit builds now!
Fixed the sound system initialising when starting the game in dedicated mode, when it shouldn’t. This fixes people sometimes hearing level music for a split second when a dedicated server is started, and also saves memory.
Fix for “playdemo” console variable ( not working with custom home paths
The -playdemo and -timedemo command line parameters now work again (they used to freeze the game when used)
Response files now work in command line parameters! This feature allows you to add in any command line parameters from a text file, by adding @textfile.txt to the parameters. (This features was in for a long time but it never actually worked due to bugs)
Linux 32-bit fix: Fix the available physical memory reported by “memfree” console command being consistently shown as 48 MB
Linux fix: Fixed file searching not properly reporting if a file with the wrong MD5 was found, rather than pretending it doesn’t exist
Fixed use of both -server and -connect command line params causing the game to freeze at startup.
Fix: Invalid Ctrl + some other key combos ( now do nothing when the console is open, instead of the second key being handled as input by the main game
In windowed mode, SRB2’s icon should now appear as the icon on the window’s top bar
Fixed some memory leaks and other issues to do with SDL2_Mixer, the library SRB2 uses for sound.
The current renderer is now saved in the metadata for PNG screenshots and APNGs.
GIF frame delays are more accurate! Previously, GIF were inaccurate by 1 tic every 7 tics, compared to the time actually passed in-game.
Fix repeatedly adding files ( already in the game eventually preventing the game from opening, reading and writing all kinds of files (including the game’s config and gamedata).


Many OpenGL fixes (thanks to Sryder for some of these (

Optimises the screen texture setups so that they aren’t redefining textures every frame if they don’t need to. This gives a pretty large performance increase, especially on Intel GPUs
Fix screenshots and fade wipes in SDL2 for resolutions that are lower than the monitor’s native resolution
Match the currently used OpenGL drawing functions to the software ones. There are a few others that don’t fully match still, but they also aren’t currently used from what I can see, so I have no point of reference for how they should work.
Make the screen texture be drawn in the centre of the screen with black bars in SDL2, instead of being stretched across the entire screen
Fixed MD2 interpolation sometimes being jerky
Fixed Lower unpegged having no effect on FOF walls when applied to the linedefs of the in-level sectors. This is supposed to change pegging of the walls to snap to the FOF’s bottom, like in Software
Fix very large maps (such as Aerial Garden) having rendering issues
gr_correcttricks should no longer have any effect on sloped sectors.
Fixed translucent walls displaying glitches when viewed from certain angles.
The startup screen now actually appears in OpenGL, you finally get to see baby Sonic! =D
Skies now render correctly in splitscreen mode.
Linux: Fixed MD2 models not loading correctly

Flats in software no longer glitch when looking up and down in first person view.
Fix software renderer glitches with fog FOF walls when adjacent to sectors with colormap applied.
Fix 64×64 textures created with TX_START/TX_END being automatically doubled in height in-game. This was meant to be a workaround for an old Doom bug, but it no longer occurs in SRB2 so is not necessary anymore.
Fixed fading calculations for custom level colormap generation being incorrect
Fixed HOM removal ( not working properly in non-green resolutions
Fix translucency making sprites and other graphics overly dark in areas of maps with low light levels.
Fixed certain HUD drawing functions not funcioning properly in non-green resolutions
The video flag V_OFFSET now supports V_FLIP, and no longer does anything if not combined with V_NOSCALESTART (to prevent positioning issues).


December 25th, 2018, 21:57

SRB2 v2.1.22 is out, containing even more changes!

Merry Christmas, everyone, and we hope you enjoy this very special gift! It’s not 2.2, but we’d say 2.1.22 sounds just as swell (!
Major impact changes:

Chat Windows: For multiplayer, we added the ability to display the chat in a small window by default. Fans of SRB2 Kart will feel right at home here — now you can enjoy increased readability, spam filtering, and easy-to-use private messages between players!
Addons Menu: We also got the beloved Addons Menu! With all of your favorite features from Kart, you may now easily find your addon files in-game without alt-tabbing and fumbling through Windows Explorer.
Gamepad improvements: We have now added default gamepad buttons, so if you have a supported controller, you no longer need to dive into the options — just pick up and play! If you are upgrading, the game will add those buttons to your controls as long as a slot is open for that action.
64-bit OpenGL fixes: A lot of you made it very clear to us that Eggman blew up a hole in GFZ2, so we made him pay dearly for it! All of the holes in OpenGL are now fixed for 64-bit. Additionally, we fixed a visual glitch with shields that you may have experienced in both 32-bit and 64-bit.
SDL stability and sound fixes: Some people experienced glitchy sound effects due to our attempt to update SDL, the program library that runs our game. A few of you may have also experienced startup and stability crashes. We have now fixed the glitchy sounds, so we are now able to package the latest SDL libraries. By extension, some of the crashes should now be resolved.

Minor impact changes:

PK3 sprite name fix: We realized that PK3 addons cannot name lumps with a backslash character, which prevented player skins and a few other objects from working properly. We fixed this by allowing you to use the plus character instead, so player skins can now be packaged as PK3. To learn how to create PK3 addons, visit our PK3 wiki page (
Camera tweaks: When you upgrade, you may notice that the camera view looks slightly different — perhaps less claustrophobic. Also, if you specify custom camera values in the console, they will now be saved to your config.
Cross-platform fixes: The macOS version was unable to write savegames for mods, so we patched that up and also fixed the path that script files are executed from. We also fixed a few music formats that did not play for that version. The Linux install packages now have srb2 added to the PATH, so you can run the game just by typing in srb2 in the Terminal.



There was a KIMOKAWAIII stage crash related to a remote viewpoint camera that would cut out of existence.
Some SDL-related crashes have been fixed as a result of us packaging an old SDL version with v2.1.21. The new DLLs supplied with v2.1.22 should fix startup-related crashes and a few stability bugs.


The game now accepts ‘+’ as substitute for ‘\’ for sprite frames in both WAD and PK3. This is important for PK3 as backslashes are invalid name characters.
The tiny font has been expanded to include symbols and lowercase letters. Thanks Golden!
The timer behavior for remote viewpoint cameras was fixed. The bug prevented an isometric camera in SUBARASHII from functioning.
Waypoint PolyObjects can now crush the player.
SOC: New level header option SAVEOVERRIDE to set whether to force write a savegame or skip saving, per level.
Lua: FOF flat names no longer return trailing null chars (‘\0’)
Lua: New function G_SetMapOverride() to set the next level and optionally skip the tally screen, while not exiting the level immediately a la G_ExitLevel().
Lua: Fix G_ExitLevel() always skipping the tally screen, even if you did not specify for it.
Lua: New function R_TextureNumForName() to get a texture name’s internal index; and R_CheckTextureNumForName() to check if a texture name exists.


The chat window feature is implemented from SRB2 Kart; thanks Lat! See the full list of changes (
The addons menu from SRB2 Kart is implemented; thanks to toaster for the original code!
New default joypad buttons have been added, as well as a feature to update the user’s config with the new buttons.
You can now assign Jump and Spin actions to a gamepad axis (such as analog triggers.)
The player no longer moves from joystick or mouse input while the multiplayer system menu is open.
In NiGHTS, you can now fly up and down by using the Look Up and Look Down buttons as well as the Look joystick axis.
In CTF, a sound jingle will now play when the opposing team’s flag is returned to base.


64-bit OpenGL holes are now fixed! This was related to some floating point math that produced invalid results when using optimized instructions. This could have affected 32-bit users if we decided to release faster builds in the future. Thanks to our original progenitors, the Doom Legacy project (, for inspiring our fix!
Shields in OpenGL — as well as any overlapping object — no longer produce severe Z-fighting glitches for some users. Shields have never looked so good! Thanks Azeonus (!
The automap now renders in large levels, so you can map out your great escape from Egg Rock Zone!
A few Software glitches were fixed, relating to horizontal planes. Thanks to our resident cat wizard Jimita ( for the following:

Ceilings no longer glitch when looking all the way up
PolyObjects no longer cause slime trails on adjacent walls
Sector flats no longer render twice when they are under a PolyObject
Large rooms no longer produce glitchy artifacts.


SDL sound glitches were fixed, meaning that we can now ship SDL 2.0.9 with the latest stability fixes.
In a multi-monitor setup, the program window will now snap to the center of its currently occupied display.
In Windows, the mouse will be grabbed by the window automatically on program start as long as its use is enabled.
Mod savegames now save with proper filenames on all OSes. Previously, their filename was being malformed. This was especially bad on macOS because the entire save location was invalid.
When using a home folder outside of your SRB2 install (as is default for Mac and Linux), console scripts will now be found in the proper paths. We fixed EXEC, SAVECONFIG, and debugfile to consider home folders.
The Ubuntu/Debian install package now has a symbolic link for SRB2 in the PATH, so instead of typing /usr/games/SRB2/srb2 to run the game, you now just need to type srb2.
macOS builds can now play MP3 and FLAC music.


December 26th, 2018, 08:23

Wow. I even resized Park Valley so it wouldn't glitch out in software, and they just fix that right up. Though I am happy with it being smaller though.


December 27th, 2018, 01:18

Quick patch to fix a game-breaking bug has been released.

Here’s one more patch update to close out the year! Did we ever move this fast in SRB2’s history (

Major impact changes:

Campaign savegames are fixed: The two of you who play SRB2 have pointed out that Single Player savegames do not actually save your progress, even if you selected a save slot. We fixed this so that you can now get out of your chair and grab a cup of milk before you finish the game.

No big changelog this time. Have a Happy New Year!


December 27th, 2018, 02:51

No wonder I noticed that my game didn't save. I thought that was my end. Didn't test that out


June 9th, 2019, 09:56

The supposedly last 2.1 patch is out!

Hey all, 2.1.24 has been released! Find it on our downloads page! Unfortunately at this moment, there is no Mac installer, sorry. I will update this post when that has been resolved.

I also want to take this opportunity to let you all know that this is most likely the last patch for the 2.1 version of the game, barring some major game-breaking bug we overlooked. We have been making very good progress on 2.2’s development front, and I can now, with a very high degree of confidence, confirm that version 2.2 will extremely probably be done before the end of the year (Well before then, most likely!). I would like to thank you all for your patience in waiting on this, we know that the time between 2.1’s first release and now has been quite long, but we genuinely believe that the wait will be worth it. By far is 2.2 the most drastic set of changes we’ve ever made to the game, and we’re all very excited for when we can finally share what we’ve been making with all of you. Sit tight just a little bit longer, we’re almost there!

Oh, I guess I shouldn’t forget changelog:

APNG recording should now work in the Linux/Mac versions.
Added the “banip” command, for banning people by IP.
Editing enchancements for music: song length, positioning, and fading features with Linedef Exec and Lua support (aka Digiku’s”MusicPlus”: see for full documentation)
Fixed dedicated servers timing out after the credits.
OpenGL: Sprite billboarding can be enabled with the “gr_spritebillboarding” console variable. This just means they’ll always face the camera rather than looking flat as paper.
“localhost” now works as a valid IP address to join again, after being broken since version 2.0. This means people can now join their own servers without needing to find out their local IP anymore.
Flash palettes can now appear in screenshots.
Fixed crashes in netgames that can occur in levels from PK3 files.
Fixed some elusive software renderer glitches that sometimes effected lighting on FOFs
An error message is now displayed if you mistakenly added a PNG graphic for a sprite or texture when you shouldn’t have.
The game should no longer be marked as modified if you added replacements for many HUD graphics, the game’s console font, or some of the graphics used in the menus.
Oh, yeah, and we doubled all the freeslots for editing resources, which was the whole point of this patch. =P


August 18th, 2019, 02:46

Well, guess the last one wasn't the last one...SRB2 v2.1.25 is out!

Hey all!

Sorry, this isn’t 2.2. We found a couple major issues that prevented certain mods from working, as well as patched over a few netcode exploits. We deemed these important enough to make a new patch for 2.1, because a fantastic mod was made that’s dependent on these. After you download the patch, you should head on over to the KIMOKAWAIII release thread ( and download that. It’s a massive mod made from various members of the community and has tons of new content for you to play through. It’s well worth your while.

As an update, we are working hard on getting 2.2 together and are building internal betas. We are not quite at the RC stage yet, but we’re getting there, and a whole bunch of stuff we didn’t think we’d actually polish has been getting some serious attention while we wait on the last few major components for the game. For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, let me share this with you:

Also, because we always do this, changelog:

* Fixed APNG movies in OpenGL recording the game as completely black.
* Fixed FOF with slopes glitching very briefly at level load.
* Fixed PK3 folders being accidentally loaded as textures, which caused crashes sometimes.
* Fixed the game reading data from past the expected end of per-level colormaps, which could cause crashes somtimes. This happened if you made the colormap with some external program that decided to append some text to the end of the lump to tell you how it was made.
* In netgames, only the server or admins are allowed to skip credits now.
* Fixed several PolyObject physics issues:
** If you were standing on a PolyObject following waypoints, walking off its edge teleported you to the ground.
** Sometimes you could collide with thin air below or above some PolyObjects.
** PolyObjects spawned with the ” crush”=”” spawn=”” point=”” weren’t=”” able=”” to=”” crush=”” you=”” properly=”” sometimes.
* Fixed an exploit where players could steal the final hash of a login.
* Fixed ERZ3 and Pipe Towers Zone spitting console errors on being loaded.

Smiles The Fox

August 19th, 2019, 18:37

i thought this was 2.2 patch but it ded

- - - - - - - - - -

i thought this was 2.2 patch but it ded

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