50 sports trivia questions for fans of all ages (2024)

How tall is a basketball hoop? What is the record for most red cards given in a single soccer match? Can you name the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs?

If you can answer these questions, then you're well on your way to winning the next sports trivia bowl.

Whether you're a sports superfan or a casual viewer, you don't have to be a star athlete to know your way around these sports facts.

You may know which NBA team has won the most championships, but do you know when the first-ever Olympic games were held? (Hint: it was well before the Roman Empire.)

From gymnastics facts to basketball trivia, these sports trivia questions will test the depth and breadth of your athletic acumen.

If this is your first foray into sports trivia, you can try your luck with some simple questions before pushing yourself to the next level.

Ready to go pro? No problem. Even the most devoted fans can always benefit from brushing up on the latest stats, and you might learn a thing or two about some lesser-known sports milestones along the way.

No matter whether you're a pro or a mere rookie, these sports trivia questions are perfect for sports fans of all kinds.

Easy sports trivia questions

  • What body part can’t touch the ball in soccer (unless you’re the goalie)? Hands
  • How many bases are there on a baseball field? Four
  • How long is a marathon? 26.2 miles
  • What is a score of zero called in tennis? Love
  • What do you call it when a bowler knocks over all the pins at once? A strike
50 sports trivia questions for fans of all ages (1)
  • How often do the Olympics occur? Every four years
  • In baseball, how many strikes does a batter get before he’s out? Three
  • How many holes do you play in the average round of golf? 18
  • In football, how many points is a field goal worth? Three
  • What does the NFL stand for? National Football League.
50 sports trivia questions for fans of all ages (2)
  • What type of medal does the third-place winner get in the Olympics? Bronze
  • How many innings are in one MLB baseball game? Nine
  • What position does NFL player Travis Kelce play? Tight end
  • How many basketball players per team can be on the court at once in the NBA? Five
  • What do the 7 rings in the Olympics symbol mean? Each continent
50 sports trivia questions for fans of all ages (3)
  • Which sport is played with a shuttleco*ck? Badminton
  • What is Canada’s national sport? Ice hockey
  • Which MLB player was nicknamed “The Bambino”? Babe Ruth
  • What is the height of a standard basketball hoop in feet? 10 feet

Intermediate sports trivia questions

  • How old was Tiger Woods when he won his first Masters Tournament? 21 years old
  • How many players can a football team have on the field during a game at one time? 11 players
  • Who holds the world record for the fastest time in the 100m dash? Usain Bolt
  • Who is the all-time leading scorer in NBA history? LeBron James
  • Which MLB team has won the most World Series championships? The New York Yankees
50 sports trivia questions for fans of all ages (4)
  • Who won the first-ever Super Bowl? The Green Bay Packers
  • How many meters long is an Olympic swimming pool? 50 meters
  • Which player has the most Super Bowl wins in NFL history? Tom Brady
  • Who has won the most Grand Slam titles in tennis history? Serena Williams
  • Which Olympic athlete has won the most medals? Michael Phelps
50 sports trivia questions for fans of all ages (5)
  • Which country has won the most FIFA World Cup titles? Brazil
  • Which NBA team has won the most championships? The Boston Celtics
  • What is the maximum number of points you can score in a game of bowling? 300 points
  • What two sports have been played on the surface of the moon? Golf and javelin
  • How many yards was the longest field goal kick ever? 66

Difficult sports trivia questions

  • Which NFL team has neither played in nor hosted the Super Bowl? The Cleveland Browns
  • What year was the first NBA game played? 1946
  • Who holds the MLB record for the most home runs in one season? Barry Bonds
  • How many minutes was the longest point in tennis history? 29 minutes
  • Who holds the record for most stolen bases in MLB history? Rickey Henderson
50 sports trivia questions for fans of all ages (6)
  • Which NFL team holds the record of most points scored in a single Super Bowl? The San Francisco 49ers
  • Who is the first Black woman to win an Olympic gold medal? Alice Coachman
  • What is the record for most red cards given in a single soccer match? 36
  • Which player holds the record for most points scored in one NBA game? Wilt Chamberlain
  • Which colleges participated in the first-ever collegiate baseball game? Amherst College and Williams College.
50 sports trivia questions for fans of all ages (7)
  • What year was the first ancient Olympic Games held? 776 B.C.
  • What year was the first modern Olympic Games held? 1896
  • During which inning is “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” usually sung? The seventh inning
  • Who holds the record for most goals in a single NHL season? Wayne Gretzky
  • What year was the three-point line added for NBA games? 1979
  • Which player made the catch in what is now known as the “Immaculate Reception”? Franco Harris

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50 sports trivia questions for fans of all ages (2024)
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